The Kredit Wallet

The Kredit Wallet verifies every block and transaction to make sure it is valid, giving you a top-tier level of security, keeping your Kredits free from third-party interference.

The Kredit wallet has features the Kredit Web Wallets don’t have. But if you value convenience over extra features, you can still make use of the Kredit Web Wallet, without any loss of security and privacy benefits.

Using the Kredit Desktop Wallet supports other peer users like yourself. This helps to keep Kredit decentralized, and it’s an easy way for users with faster, more stable internet connections to contribute to less well-connected users.

As well as being still convenient to run on the majority computers and Internet connections.

Save addresses you interact with frequently in your address book, and send Kredits with a touch of a button
System requirements

  • Disk space: 145 GB
  • Download: 500 MB/day (15 GB/month)
  • Upload: 5 GB/day (150 GB/month)
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • System: Desktop Laptop
  • Some ARM chipsets >1 GHz
  • Operating system: Windows 7/8.x/10


The Kredit Desktop Wallet gives you increased security and privacy at a cost. The responsibility lies with you, the user, for the security of your Kredits. Try meet higher than minimum system requirements, and be aware of possible security breaches.


  • Backup your Keys regularly, and make sure your wallet is secure at all times.
  • Setup an offline wallet (cold storage) for significant amounts of Kredits.
  • Make sure that a Close friend, Family member, or Next-of-kin, is able to access your Kredits in the event of sudden severe injury or death.
  • Keep an eye out for security notifications.
  • Various Anti-virus software will often conflict with The Kredit Desktop Wallet, if you are experiencing problems try disabling your Anti-virus during installation and/or use of your Kredit Wallet.
  • Ensure that the Kredit Desktop Wallet application is authorized to go through Windows Firewall.
  • Please Note that the initial download listed in the system requirements is for the entire Blockchain, the complete record of all Kredit transactions, while the Kredit Blockchain will surely grow to 150 gigs, in these early stages the initial download will be considerably less. Nevertheless you should always be aware of your current internet service situation and plan accordingly as to avoid incurring unwanted charges from your ISP.

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