Blockchain Decentralization

The Kredit Blockchain is technology that creates a public ledger that records all Kredit transactions. The important part is Kredit achieves this without the need of a central authority such as a bank or financial institution. Records and information stored in centralized locations are prone to tampering, destruction, and alteration. By distributing the Blockchain to users Kredit negates these obstacles, by being decentralized the Blockchain is guaranteed to be transparent, secure, and free of error.
Aren't everyone's copies of the blockchain different?

When you start your desktop Wallet it automatically begins syncing to the Network and updating it's copy of the Blockchain, this way everyone is on the same page and there is no differentiation between Wallets actively connected to the Network.

Blockchain Distribution

In fact, the Kredit Blockchain is distributed to all users running the Kredit Desktop Wallet. The upkeep and maintenance of the Blockchain is performed by a network of nodes running Kredit software. By making the Blockchain available to any Kredit User (The blockchain explorer is also available here) transparency and freedom of information is ensured forever.
Can I run a Network Node too?

Yes, anyone running the Kredit Desktop Wallet is effectively a Network Node because they have a stored copy of the Blockchain. By becoming a Network Node you contribute to the overall stability and maintenance of the Kredit Network.

Node Maintenance

Network nodes keep the Kredit Network maintained by confirming transactions then adding them to their copy of the ledger. Next they broadcast these confirmed transactions to other nodes on the network. This establishes a network consensus, because network nodes are constantly updating and communicating with one another this makes the probability of any False or fraudulent transactions being accepted into the network consensus zero as incorrect transactions are quickly rejected. The Kredit Blockchain is therefore a decentralized distributed database.
What happens if a Node doesn't sync for an extended period?

The moment a Node is re-connected with the Kredit Network it will begin updating to the latest version of the Blockchain. Depending on how long it has been disconnected the size of the update will vary, longer time = larger update.