Kredit Storage

The Kredit project provides it's users with cutting edge wallets to store and transact Kreditcoins in the most convenient and secure way possible. A wallet is a piece of software stores all the information necessary to transact Kreditcoins. Kreditcoins aren't actually "Stored" inside wallets, technically, due to the nature of the Blockchain, Kreditcoins are inseparable from the distributed transaction ledger and therefore cannot be "Stored" in a piece of software.
Can Kredits get lost?

Yes, if a Kredit User loses their wallet recovery key there is no way to retrieve their coins. Lost Kreditcoins are effectively removed permanently from circulation and drive up the price of the currency. You can avoid losing your Kreditcoins by keeping your Wallet recovery key safe and keeping multiple backup copies.

Public-Key Cryptography

A more accurate way to describe Kredit wallets is as software that stores your digital credentials for your Kreditcoin Balance, and allows one to conduct transactions. Kredit implements public-key cryptography, meaning simply that two cryptographic keys are generated by your wallet one public and one private. These Keys allow you to Send and Receive Kreditcoins.
Is it dangerous to share my Public Key?

Not at all, your Wallet address was made to be shared, tell your friends, tell your family, even put your address on social media to let everyone know how they can send you Kreditcoins. You can even create multiple addresses for different needs at will.

Node wallets vs Lightweight Wallets

There are two different types of Kredit Wallets, Node Clients and lightweight Wallets. The difference is that Node Clients download, update, and store a full copy of the Blockchain locally on your device and update when connected to the internet. Lightweight wallets on the other hand function the same with the added convenience of not having to download and maintain a current copy of the Blockchain. Instead they use secure keys to access their wallet which is stored on the server of the Wallet provider.
Can I have more than one Wallet?

You can have as many Wallets as you like, from desktop wallets, to Web Wallets there is no limit to how many you can have. Your Kreditcoins are your Kreditcoins and how you store them is completely up to you.