Kredit Ecosystem

Kredit is more than just a currency, it's a dynamic ecosystem that adapts to it's users. Our aim was to make Kredit as integrateable as possible into the daily lives of our users. Having our users regard Kreditcoin as their currency of choice is an idea close to the heart of the Kredit founders. As such, steps were taken to make sure that Kredit users have many practical uses for their Kreditcoins.

Mining Integration

We provide our users with an easy to connect to Mining Pool for mining Kreditcoin that makes mining a simple process. The Kreditcoin Mining Pool is available here, give it a try and start your Kredit Mining Journey today.

Mobile App Integration

What use is a currency if you can't use it on the go? That's why we made sure that Kredit is fully integrated with your mobile device. Our Web Wallet will be fully compatible with a range of mobile devices, this will allow you to send, receive, and manage your Kreditcoins directly from your Mobile device.

Exchange Integration

We've made it as simple as possible for Kredit users to exchange their Kreditcoins for Fiat currency, and other Cryptocurrencys, or vise versa. You can do this quickly and easily at the world's first Kredit exchange, KredX, once its development has been completed, or by visiting any of the Crypto-exchanges that offer Kredit exchange as a service.

Small Business Integration

One of the Core Beliefs of the Kredit Team is the long term adoption and dynamic usability of the Kreditcoin. A great way to do this is to provide Kredit Users with the opportunity to spend their Kreditcoins. That's why we've made it easy for a business of any size to start accepting Kreditcoins as a form of payment for Goods and Services.

Corporate Integration

A large percentage of the world is un-banked due to all the bureaucratic hoops needed to be jumped though. Kredit provides the perfect platform for companies to set up Kredit as an electronic payment system. Using Kredit you can set up an automated payment system to pay your employees as often as you like, daily, or even hourly!

Social Media Integration

Kredit is connected across a range of Social media platforms and even has it's own platform called "Kredit Network" which allows Kredit Users to connect and communicate with each other using a decentralized network.

E-Commerce Integration

Online transactions can be not only tricky, but are also often insecure. Using your Credit or Debit Card to transact online is a dangerous practice as your information is stored by the merchant you are purchasing from and is susceptible to fraud. Kredit being a digital currency was built for online transactions. When you use Kredit for online transactions you can rest assured that your information is secure.

User Integration

Kredit is designed to be fully integrated with it's users. With user-friendly Wallets and a fast network we made sure that user interaction with their Kreditcoins is fast, secure, and above all else easy.