Kredit vs Fiat Currencies

Kreditcoin is a fully decentralized Cryptocurrency. When compared to centralized Fiat currencies, the very nature of Kredit's technology allows it to operate internationally and without a central body.
Fiat currencies are printed by their respective governments when the need arises, out of thin air. Kreditcoin creation on the other hand is done via Mining and is linked to a vital function, network maintenance. Online use of Fiat currency is shrouded in insecurity, Cryprographic algorithms secure online transactions tighter than any Fiat currency could.
Does this mean I should only use Kreditcoin?

No, Fiat currency is still mainstream currency. as such we recommend that you convert your KRD to Fiat currency as the need arises.

Kredit Market Cap

Kredit has the potential to grow it's market cap past the size of any National Fiat currency. By being a decentralized currency Kredit eliminates the dependence on large bank monopolies found the world over. Many might see the maximum coin cap on Kredit is being a severe market cap inhibitor, however Kreditcoin can be denominated down to 8 decimal places as opposed to Fiat currency's 2 decimal places. So in actual fact, the entire Kredit currency can run on just 1 KRD!
Why are 8 Decimal denominations necessary?

8 Decimal places allow very specific values of KRD to be paid out, this is useful for micro-payments, or to measure out exact amounts during currency conversion.

Kredit vs Banks

When you use Kredit you become your own bank, independent of any institution, free of fees, contracts, and obligations. We are firmly of the belief that decentralization is the is the way of the future, and the medium to bring financial freedom and liberty to the world. In the practice of Fractional Reserve Banking (Which is common the world over) Banks are only legally responsible for 10% of the loans they have active at any given time. So what happens when all the clients of a Bank want to take out their money at once? It simply can't be done. There are various cases around the world where banks have left their clients high and dry refusing them access to their own money. Like the height of the Greek financial crisis in 2015 saw Banks either closing their doors altogether, or extremely limited daily withdrawal limits. In 2013 Cryprus started seizing uninsured accounts greater than 100,000 USD for use by the government without reimbursement to the original account owners.
Can a Kredit Wallet Function like a Bank Account?

Your Kredit Wallet is a perfect alternative for a bank account, it has the exact same functions and offers more than any account from a Bank or financial institution ever can. When you download a Kredit Wallet you are effectively opening an account with yourself, as you are the sole owner and operator of the Kreditcoins stored within your Wallet.