Kredit Mining Pool Open and Ready for Busines

Greetings Miners and Cryptocurrency Collectors

Please be advised that the KRD pool is available publicly. Now is the perfect time take advantage to build up your KRD supply.

The Kredit Project has big plans for the future of the Kredit Network and Kreditcoin. We have tentative agreements in place with local South African and International exchanges. There is also app and web wallet development in progress as well as integration into the exisiting “Face2Face” Location based app available on IOS and Android.

We are preparing for the future of Kreditcoin’s success as one of its pioneer miners and reap the rewards!

Kreditcoin Specifications:

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt

Pre-mine: No

Coin Type: Pure PoW

Difficulty Retargeting Algorithm: Kimoto Gravity Well

Time Between Blocks: 60s

Block Reward: 44 KRD

Block Reward Halving rate: 500,000

Total Coins: 44,000,000

Daily Block count: 1,440

Maximum Block Size: 1 MB

Currency: kreditcoin

Symbol: KRD

Genesis Block Date: 20/07/2017

Kreditcoin Pool: Host: stratum Port: 3008, Diff: 8 Port: 3032, Diff: 0.0002 Port: 3256, Diff: 256

Kreditcoin (KRD) Completed and Released

The Kredit Project is proud to announce the completion of it’s very first project, The Cryptocurrency “Kreditcoin” (KRD). Kreditcoin was born on 20/07/2017 with the mining of it’s genesis block taking place.

Kreditcoin was created to allow those who missed out on the early years of Bitcoin success to have another chance at reaping the rewards of early adoption. In it’s design process, the Kreditcoin creators took into account the Greater African Community where they are based and incorporated measesures to ensure that Kreditcoin would teach the African Community about Cryptocurrency and promote it’s use. Our mining pool is set up specifically to allow inexperienced miners and those that cannot afford expensive and high-end mining equipment to benefit and play a larger role in the Mining Process.

Our initial research into the African Market found that more than 80% of Adult Africans are un-banked, either unable to procure a Bank Account due to legal or logistical reasons, or discouraged from opening an Account due to high Banking and Transactional Fees. However, of this Un-Banked 80%, an overwhelming majority have access to the Internet and use Social Media and Messaging Apps like What’s App and Facebook as often as daily. We’ve identified this as a great potential for Kreditcoin adoption in our Local Community. As such, The Kredit Project has placed it’s initial focus on African adoption of Kreditcoin, before focusing solely on Global adoption, to provide a Safe, Secure, and Reliable Banking Alternative, while also introducing users to the greater benefits of using a Cryptocurrency.

Kreditcoin is a true Cryptocurrency and as such implements blockchain technology allowing it to be fully decentralized, and operate around the world with a focus on it’s Users. Kredit Users will enjoy a range of features and benefits such as: Instant transactions regardless of the physical distance of the recipient. Total and complete ownership of their Kreditcoins, sole ownership lies with the User, not The Kredit Project or any other organization/institution. Enhanced security, cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms help keep their information, and funds safe. The ability to make their own money, all Kredit Users are free to join and take part in the mining process to mine their own Kreditcoins, and help maintain the Kredit Network in the process. And the elimination of fees, there are no hidden fees or tariffs implemented.

Kredit Wallets will forever be free to download and use, allowing Kredit Users to be their own banks in full control of their fund management for x0 the cost. Kredit Wallets offer their Users all the features of a Normal Bank Account, plus more, without an organization, contracts, documentation, or stipulation looming overhead like a flock of vultures. When you download a Kredit Wallet, you’re founding the Bank of you.

The Kredit Project was founded in South Africa in late 2016 by Daniele & Gabriele Ronchese and recently celebrated it’s anniversary. On the completion of Kreditcoin the Founders had this to say about their currency: Daniele: “I am confident that Kreditcoin will prove itself to be more than just a currency, but a dynamic network that spans the globe. Kreditcoin is undoubtedly a long-term investment vehicle, it’s final stop- Financial Freedom.” Gabriele: “Cryptocurrency has already changed and improved countless lives, I’m lucky enough to be one of them. Our aim is to provide the best Cryptocurrency experience to those who need it most, in the process contributing to the world Crypto-Ecosystem, and eventually claiming our spot as one of the most successful Cryptocurrencies.”


Kredit Desktop Wallet Released

The Kredit Desktop Wallet has been released, Get yours here now!

Downloading a Kredit Wallet is the first step in becoming a Kredit User. Having one allows you send, receive and manage your Kredits with ease.

Setting up your Wallet is as simple as downloading and running the software application. Start your Kredit Journey today by Downloading the Kredit Desktop Wallet and becoming a part of the Kredit Network!

The Formation of The Kredit Project

As we enter the month of August, The Kredit Team is looking back at the foundation of the Kredit project in August 2016.

Looking back on our formation gives us a unique opportunity to do some retrospective analysis on why we started, how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed in future.

The past: A year ago the project’s two founder’s had lengthy discourse about the current state of the Cryptocurrency world and the possible futures it could be headed to. ┬áThe pair both wanted to get involved more in Cryptocurrency and Brainstormed ways to do so. Daniele revealed that a long time dream of his was to create a Cryptocurrency, and not just any run-of-the-mill Alt-coin, one that would leave a lasting impression, create an authentic user experience, and eventually become a Top-running digital currency. And so with that idea at it’s core the Kredit Project was born and research began to determine the best course of action to transmute Kredit from the ideas of it’s founders into reality.

The present: After having Explored, researched, experimented, and otherwise inquired into every possible avenue of action for the development of Kredit, consensus was reached by the team. Thus far we’ve left no stone un-turned, it took a long time to carefully weigh up all the facts and knowledge before making developmental commitments. What’s best for the project? What’s best for the currency? What’s best for our future users? were just a few of the multitude of questions that needed answers during our research and planning phase. The Good News is that the development of Kredit is underway as we speak, we’ve taken all factors into consideration and Kredit has already taken it’s first steps on the well planned road to success.

The future: What does the future hold for Kredit? Although it’s hard to tell the future of anything, we can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in the days to come. The Kredit project has spent a long time preparing Kredit for success, and the reality of Kredit being a Strong, Private, Network with user integration at all levels is on the horizon!