KRD Mining Pool Maintenance and Upgrades

The KRD Mining Pool will be having regular interruptions until January 7th 2018.

Don’t panic though miners! We’re applying Upgrades and performing Maintenance over the festive season in preparation for big developments next year! After January 7th the KRD Pool will return to full service capacity.

Did you know that the KRD Mining Pool only charges 5% in pool fees? We’re very grateful to all our miners for taking us thus far, however, you’re all strongly encouraged to set up your own Mining pools to further uplift the Kreditcoin Network. All User Created Pools will receive our full support, we’ll even feature you right here on the website!

If you’ve set up your own KRD Pool please contact:

Wallet Backup and Security

Just a friendly reminder to all Kreditcoin Users to regularly back up and ensure that their Wallets are encrypted.

We’ve all no doubt heard the woes of early Bitcoin Users loosing hard drives and forgetting keys resulting in thousands being lost to a simple error. Luckily you don’t have to be one of these people as these errors are simply avoidable. Always remember to keep a back-up of your Wallet on a Flash-drive or other mobile storage device, you never know what could happen!

Kreditcoin Web Wallet Development Underway

It’s been a busy few months having a large workload with our partners over at KredX, however we’re pleased to say that development of a Kreditcoin Web Wallet has begun and we’re looking forward to making Kreditcoin that much more convenient to access via the Web. A big thank you has to go out to all the Miners that have and are continuing to support the Kreditcoin Network from all of us at the Kredit Project. We’re all looking forward to giving you all exciting new uses for your KRD through the soon to come KredX platform!

Kreditcoin’s integration into KredX

Working with the KredX team has been a great experience, we’re super excited to start announcing the various features and functions Kreditcoin will have when integrated into the future KredX platform. Words can barely do the scale of KredX justice, we just can’t wait for it to be finished!

If you haven’t already heard of KredX, be sure to head over to to find about more about the platform that’s going to take Cryptocurrency and Kreditcoin to the next level and into the mainstream.

Kredit Project Partnership with KredX

We’re pleased to announce The Kredit Project’s partnership with KredX, the developers of the World’s first Multi-Blockchain DAPP. Kreditcoin will be listed on KredX’s Cryptocurrency Exchange as soon as it’s released in June 2018 as well as full integration into KredX’s expansive platform.

Check out KredX now at !

Cryptocurrency getting Bigger than Governments

We’re entering a very interesting time, the age of Cryptocurrency.

Political and Financial Leaders around the world like the Financial Minister of Nigeria and The President of the European Central Bank are saying categorically that Cryptocurrencies have surpassed the point of confiscation and control.

This seems to follow the natural trend of our history to return freedoms and power to the individual, next on the list is our money and finances.

Its going to be an interesting next few years as we all watch Cryptocurrency’s true potential start to play out and Government’s around the world start to make the big decision of whether to adopt or to reject Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Adoption on the Rise worldwide

2017 has seen the massive rise in Cryptocurrency Adoption Worldwide, and its not over yet.

  • The Law is trending towards Cryptocurrency favor around the world as Governments and legislators start to make the right Pro-Cryptocurrency decisions
  • More and more Merchants and Vendors around the world are starting to accept Cryptocurrency as a form of payment
  • Cryptocurrency Usership is seeing its highest numbers to date

Cryptocurrency is finally starting to enter the mainstream, and the future holds endless possibilities for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

A Big Welcome to All New Kreditcoin Users

We’ve been monitoring the numbers and this week has seen the highest influx of new Kreditcoin Users to date!

A big welcome goes to all our New Users, whether you’re a Miner, Collector, Bounty Hunter, or just a regular user all of us at the Kredit Project are happy to have you with us and a part of Kreditcoin.

Always remember that you are and always will be an integral part of Kreditcoin, especially at this early stage of our development. Our initial Users will always be remembered as being there in the beginning, not to mention you’ve all got front row seats to the development, growth, and blossoming of Kreditcoin.



Kreditcoin Weekly Update September 20th 2017

It’s been a busy and productive week for us here at the Kredit Project, with the launch of the Kreditcoin Bounty Campaign and various partnerships on the table.

The Bounty Campaign was our solution to giving non-miners an opportunity to get Kreditcoins in their wallets at this early stage. This is only our first initial round of Bounties, the list is sure to get more numerous and unique as time goes on. I encourage everyone to participate in our Bounties whether you have a promotional background, or are just a regular Social Media User (pretty sure that’s all of us to some extent) there’s no excuse not to try your hand at being a Bounty Hunter.

We’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline for the near future in terms of partnerships, you can all expect some announcements in the near future about new implementations of Kreditcoin.

Stay tuned and thanks for supporting!

Gabriele Ronchese
Cheif Operations & Marketing Officer
The Kredit Project

“The Future is digital, don’t leave your wallet behind.”

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Kreditcoin Bounty Campaign Now Live

The Kreditcoin Bounty Campaign is Now Live!

The Kredit Project is pleased to announce the launch of it’s Bounty Campaign starting off with its initial round of bounties with more to follow in the following weeks. All bounty rewards will be paid out directly from the founder’s reserves upon completion and verification of the task chosen. The Kredit Founders view this Bounty campaign as a long term investment in the future success of Kreditcoin and it’s users. Participation in this Bounty Campaign is the perfect opportunity for non-miners to get their hands on some KRD and become early Kreditcoin adopters.

Head over to our Bounty Page to get started today!