We realized early on that we wanted Kredit to be more than just a "Feature" coin. We have developed a private, fast and fair cryptocurrency platform that will stand the test of time. It is our goal to see a slow and steady upward progression in the value of a Kredit and to proudly promote Kredit's adoption worldwide.


The Kredit project is a dedication to innovation. The entire project has been designed to deliver on real-world usability and integration. This is what sets Kredit apart from other coins and we believe it is key to forcing innovation within the cryptocurrency industry.


We believe strongly that Cryptocurrency is the answer to making headway in creating a stable, fair, safe, and reliable world economy. Kredit isn't a replacement for Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, instead it's a better alternative. If modern economics has taught us anything it's that monopolies are the enemy and competition creates a healthy environment for everyone.


The key to long-term success of any Cryptocurrency is directly attached to its real world usability. Kredit has engaged with all the major exchanges and will therefore ensure that Kredit enter the market favourably. Kredit is more then just a coin it is also a long term investment vehicle. We believe people will hold onto a coin that will hold a higher future value.


Our dream at Kredit is to see a world complete with a functional, developed, and widely used Crypto-economy driven by its users, and adapting to their needs comprised of strong, developed Cryptocurrencies. The completion of Kredit will bring the world one step closer to this goal. We can see a bright decentrilized world on the horizon, can you?


Kredit is an all-inclusive platform-based cryptocurrency project. The focus on integration and overall usability encompasses our entire platform. Kredit is more than just a coin, it's an expansive ecosystem which provides its users with many new and exciting uses for their Kredits.


The Kredit project is a dedicated team of Crypto-professionals devoted to creating our own open-source, decentralized, cryptocurrency that is legitimate, safe, private, and dynamic.


We're devoting our time and resources to make sure that Kredit goes beyond the average and into the stratosphere. Join us on our journey as we pioneer into the new frontier of Crypto-industry.

The Founders

Daniele Ronchese


Chief Project Manager

With 22 years of high level involvement in web development and more specifically financial software, Dan's career followed a natural progression towards Cryptocurrencies in 2011. Being an early Bitcoin investor and successful Crypto-Trader with a strong technical background gave Dan the unique skillset and experience needed to project manage the creation, and roll out of KreditCoin. He brings a strong sense of focus on the task at hand an systematically peruses each objective to completion. "I have always considered myself a financial freedom fighter. When I found out about Bitcoin I researched it and started experimenting with the code and using nodes. I will go so far as to say that I fell in love with the concept. The technology of Bitcoin was my first attraction. It was not until years later that its viability as an investment vehicle would become obvious. I strongly believe that our world is changing in front of us right now, the change has to do with our money. This new age we find ourselves in is one of liberation, questioning and challenging. There is no better vehicle to completely rebuild our financial system than cryptocurrency. End quote !"

Gabriele Ronchese


Chief Operations & Marketing Officer

Although being only 19 years old, Gabriele has a natural and developed aptitude for Public Relations and adds a valuable millennial energy to the team; "Two words I model my life and work on: Professionalism, and Creativity, it's the double-barrel shotgun of success." Gabriele's strong background in public speaking and communication further augments his abilities, "I know how to get the message across to people, and the message is simple- Cryptocurrency is something you NEED in your life!". After first having his eyes opened to the world of Cryptocurrency by his brother Dan, Gabriele knew he had discovered a lifelong passion they could share- and he's never looked back. In addition Gabriele is also a Varsity College alumni, and member of Mensa international.

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