Kreditcoin Web Wallet Development Underway

It’s been a busy few months having a large workload with our partners over at KredX, however we’re pleased to say that development of a Kreditcoin Web Wallet has begun and we’re looking forward to making Kreditcoin that much more convenient to access via the Web. A big thank you has to go out to all the Miners that have and are continuing to support the Kreditcoin Network from all of us at the Kredit Project. We’re all looking forward to giving you all exciting new uses for your KRD through the soon to come KredX platform!

Kreditcoin’s integration into KredX

Working with the KredX team has been a great experience, we’re super excited to start announcing the various features and functions Kreditcoin will have when integrated into the future KredX platform. Words can barely do the scale of KredX justice, we just can’t wait for it to be finished!

If you haven’t already heard of KredX, be sure to head over to to find about more about the platform that’s going to take Cryptocurrency and Kreditcoin to the next level and into the mainstream.

Kredit Project Partnership with KredX

We’re pleased to announce The Kredit Project’s partnership with KredX, the developers of the World’s first Multi-Blockchain DAPP. Kreditcoin will be listed on KredX’s Cryptocurrency Exchange as soon as it’s released in June 2018 as well as full integration into KredX’s expansive platform.

Check out KredX now at !