Kreditcoin Weekly Update September 20th 2017

It’s been a busy and productive week for us here at the Kredit Project, with the launch of the Kreditcoin Bounty Campaign and various partnerships on the table.

The Bounty Campaign was our solution to giving non-miners an opportunity to get Kreditcoins in their wallets at this early stage. This is only our first initial round of Bounties, the list is sure to get more numerous and unique as time goes on. I encourage everyone to participate in our Bounties whether you have a promotional background, or are just a regular Social Media User (pretty sure that’s all of us to some extent) there’s no excuse not to try your hand at being a Bounty Hunter.

We’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline for the near future in terms of partnerships, you can all expect some announcements in the near future about new implementations of Kreditcoin.

Stay tuned and thanks for supporting!

Gabriele Ronchese
Cheif Operations & Marketing Officer
The Kredit Project

“The Future is digital, don’t leave your wallet behind.”

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