10 Good Reasons to Start using Kredit Today

A question often asked by those interested in Kredit is “Why should I start using it?” if you’ve asked this question in your mind before than the following list is aimed at you. Here are 10 Good Reasons to start using Kredit:

1. Kredit can’t be counterfeited

Fiat currencies are plagued by fraud in the form of Counterfeiting. Millions are lost in value due to counterfeit currency every year. Kredit negates this obstacle by implementing a public ledger of all transactions called “The Blockchain”. By examining the Blockchain you can trace the path of each and every Kredit all the way back to it’s creation, effectively making all forms of Kredit counterfeiting physically impossible.

2. Kredit is totally decentralized

Kredit doesn’t adhere to the rules of Banks and Financial institutions, Kredit is a totally decentralized currency, there is no differentiation between an organization and users, they are one and the same. Individual users make up the entirety of the Kredit network, there is no shady organization in the back behind the scenes pulling the strings.

3. Anyone in the world can become a Kredit User

How many Banks or Financial institutions can say they offer their service to the entire globe? Very few if any. The only pre-requisite to becoming a Kredit User is internet access, forget about the multiple hoops and extensive documentation required to open a bank account, all it takes to become a Kredit User is a simple download of a Kredit Wallet and you’re all set with more features than a Bank Account could ever offer for your money.

4. There are no fees required to use Kredit

How often have you read your bank statement and been overwhelmed by the amount of extra fees included? Some hidden fees you might just be hearing about for the first time. Why should you have to pay for using YOUR money? That’s a question no Bank can ever offer an acceptable answer to, because there is none. The use of Kredit is free of any fees.

5. You are the Sole Owner of your Kredits

When you use Kredit, you are the only owner of your Kredit Wallet and it’s contents. Unlike with Fiat currency where the actual currency is property of it’s respective government, or a Bank/ Financial institution account where your account with them remains property of the organization at all times. When you start using Kredit you’ll experience what it’s like to truly own your money in every sense of the term.

6. Kredit Transactions occur instantly

Whether it’s 10 feet away from you or on the other side of the Globe, Kredit’s reach their destination in seconds. No more subscribing to the slow infrastructure associated with Banks where Electronic Fund Transfers take hours, or days, or sometimes don’t even go through at all. The online transfer of money shouldn’t ever take longer than a cash transaction, with Kredit it never will, and it’s easier too.

7. Kredit is safe to use Online

As a digital currency, Kredit was designed for fast, sustainable, and safe use online. When you use other methods for making online payments you’re engaging in a very risky practice. Such as for example the most common practice of using one’s Credit or Debt card to make a purchase online by giving the merchant your Card number and security code. This information sent across permanently and can be used again fraudulently either by the merchant themselves or a Third-Party intercepting, or stealing your information from the merchant’s database. When you send Kredits you’ll be sending only Kredits, no information that can be used to access any more of them.

8. Kredit Transactions are final

While this may appear to be an oversight at first glance, the inability to cancel or “Charge-Back” a Kredit transaction like a Bank transfer eliminates the possibility that fraudulent or arbitrary cancellations will occur. The illegitimate reversal of online transactions has been a thorn in the side of E-commerce for as long as it’s been around, Kredit negates this hurdle by implementing absolute transactions. When you send receive Kredits there is zero chance that they will suddenly disappear out of your Wallet due to a reversal of any kind. That being said, it’s important that when sending Kredit to double check and make sure that the amount and receiving address are correct as once the transaction is initiated there can be no retrieval of funds.

9. Kredit allows you to create your own money

How often have you wished you could somehow print your own money? When you use Kredit you finally can by becoming a Kredit Miner. Becoming a Kredit Miner is as simple as downloading the easy to use GUI Mining Software on our Website. Mining is the process of using your device’s computing power to confirm new Kredit transactions and in return receiving Kredits as compensation for work done. By Mining you’re not only receiving your own funds, you’re also helping to maintain and ensure that the Kredit Network runs smoothly.

10. With Kredit you become your own Bank

It’s high time that you cut out the middleman from your money for good. Kredit allows you to store, transact, and create your money far more efficiently than a Bank ever could, and the best part is, you have absolute control over the process, there is no organization looming overhead with contracts and terms stipulating what you can and cannot do with your money. Kredit is more than just a currency it’s a long-term vehicle for financial freedom that you can board at any time, climb on sooner rather than later and unlock your money’s true potential.

Kredit Desktop Wallet Released

The Kredit Desktop Wallet has been released, Get yours here now!

Downloading a Kredit Wallet is the first step in becoming a Kredit User. Having one allows you send, receive and manage your Kredits with ease.

Setting up your Wallet is as simple as downloading and running the software application. Start your Kredit Journey today by Downloading the Kredit Desktop Wallet and becoming a part of the Kredit Network!

The Formation of The Kredit Project

As we enter the month of August, The Kredit Team is looking back at the foundation of the Kredit project in August 2016.

Looking back on our formation gives us a unique opportunity to do some retrospective analysis on why we started, how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed in future.

The past: A year ago the project’s two founder’s had lengthy discourse about the current state of the Cryptocurrency world and the possible futures it could be headed to. ┬áThe pair both wanted to get involved more in Cryptocurrency and Brainstormed ways to do so. Daniele revealed that a long time dream of his was to create a Cryptocurrency, and not just any run-of-the-mill Alt-coin, one that would leave a lasting impression, create an authentic user experience, and eventually become a Top-running digital currency. And so with that idea at it’s core the Kredit Project was born and research began to determine the best course of action to transmute Kredit from the ideas of it’s founders into reality.

The present: After having Explored, researched, experimented, and otherwise inquired into every possible avenue of action for the development of Kredit, consensus was reached by the team. Thus far we’ve left no stone un-turned, it took a long time to carefully weigh up all the facts and knowledge before making developmental commitments. What’s best for the project? What’s best for the currency? What’s best for our future users? were just a few of the multitude of questions that needed answers during our research and planning phase. The Good News is that the development of Kredit is underway as we speak, we’ve taken all factors into consideration and Kredit has already taken it’s first steps on the well planned road to success.

The future: What does the future hold for Kredit? Although it’s hard to tell the future of anything, we can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in the days to come. The Kredit project has spent a long time preparing Kredit for success, and the reality of Kredit being a Strong, Private, Network with user integration at all levels is on the horizon!